Prevents cancer and cures Anemia


Meet the Levantamuertos juice or also known as apple juice beet and carrots this wonderful recipe will help you if your goal is to have excellent health and a body full of vitality takes note of this miraculous drink has existed for a long Time and that originally the naturopathic physicians of China recommended it to the sick is a food available to all with a negligible cost tiny and that is why we want to share with you this miraculous beverage especially we want to draw the attention of those who Have some cancer or any other disease with this beverage that protects the body from cancer and many other illnesses but if you have some type of cancer and you are in treatment this drink will help your healthy cells do not get contaminated from cancer cells and to destroy and heal cancer faster and completely.

Many do not believe it so simple and easy to hear these always rely only on vitamins in jars and chemicals to be healthy or cure you of an evil that ails you but remember that a leather is not equal to a strong immune system and this is equal to the Enfer Diseases will not be able to defeat your defenses so if you do this will keep you healthy or help you recover your defenses and if you are already sick or your body is struggling with a virus or cancer cells will provide you with the vitamins mineral nutrients and Antioxidants you need to recover once and for all how you achieve this by eating fruits and vegetables but especially this simple combination a beet two carrots and an apple is all that is needed to make this powerful juice the mode of preparation It is very simple you must wash all the above very well as the juice will prepare without removing the skin or peel it all into pieces and liquefy it with water or do it in a juice processor is the same but something very important you should take the freshly liquefied juice or PR Ocesado you can not refrigerate or let stand should be really fresh is to say fresh squeezed or processed and if you want to know better you can add sugar and lemon to your liking this is optional when drinking it in the early hours of the morning with the Empty stomach after an hour it is advisable to have breakfast to get quick results drink twice a day a glass in the morning and another one before five o’clock in the afternoon please make sure you drink the drink immediately after you have liquefied this is Very important must be naturally fresh this miraculous and powerful juice will be effective for the following diseases first to prevent cancer of the cells to develop and to restrain that the cells invaded with cancer grow do not expand to more Second healthy organs or tissues to prevent liver and kidney diseases, from the third ulcer pancreas to strengthen and prevent the lungs from a heart attack and high blood pressure quarter to fully strengthen the immune system of the View.

Eliminate red and tired eyes or dry fifth eyes to help eliminate pain and physical training of sixth muscle pain to detoxify and help defecate from eliminating constipation so that the skin looks healthy and radiant helps in the Seventh acne problem to improve and eliminate bad breath due to indigestion sees the infection in the eighth throat to decrease the menstrual pain ninth to help remove hay fever there is absolutely no side effect and is of high value Nutritious very effective if you need to lose weight you will realize that your immune system will be stronger than ever since you’ll spend months and years without getting sick if you take it as follows twice a day without failing a single day for two weeks and repeat it every three Months if you do this by following these instructions to the letter you will feel and notice the difference in your life by consuming the powerful apple juice beet and carrots.


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