Remedies to whiten the female intimate parts.


A while ago I told you about what is genital whitening and it seems to be something that has become fashionable in recent years and more and more men and women who are concerned about getting their genital area is whiter or at least clearer What is naturally it seems that for many people the fact that it is a dark area or that goes dark with the passage of time is a reason to feel ashamed or to at least not teach much in sexual relations if you are also a person who sie It is embarrassing to teach the genitals because you have too dark and want to follow the fashion of a genital whitening then do not miss the following tips.

From today you can have more white genitalia without spending a lot of money or passing by any doctor surgeon or oil of almonds and lemon the first remedy I propose is to make a pasta with honey oil and lemon honey is an an Tioxidante natural and also antibacterial so will go very well for the pasta the oil will bring you soft and the lemon is a powerful whitener that using it in a just measure can achieve your goals you need to make this home remedy will need 1 Tablespoon of almond or coconut oil 1 tablespoon honey and half lemon well squeezed what do you have to do once you have all the ingredients you just have to mix to make it a paste then you have to apply it in your crotch without Introduce the pasta only have to do it on the outside the ideal is to leave the mixture for 20 minutes and then rinse with abundant water you can do it every night before you get into bed this recipe will help you exfoliate the intimate area and also clarify L A skin quesó ricotta and lemons The quesó is a milk product that refreshes the skin and the lemon will help you to whiten your intimate areas that you need for this home remedy you will need quesó ricotta and 5 lemons that you must make for this home remedy you will need to combine the I Ingredients that is to say mix the quesó ricotta with the 5 lemons well squeezed you will get a paste you must apply in your genital outer area and let it rest for 15 minutes after the indicated time should be rinsed well with lukewarm water to remove the remains Of the paste applied in your outer area of the genitals honey yogurt and sugar I’m segu that these products you have right now in your house and you will not need to go to buy them at the supermarket so if you want to prepare without problems this pasta pa RA start whitening Your genitals in the most homemade and natural way possible.

You will need to have the necessary ingredients to have a small pasta the amounts you can choose you simply have to have an adequate amount to be able to put it on your genitals and that the ingredients are balanced once you have the pasta acts A you will have to apply it to the genital area and give small circular massages for 5 minutes the pasta will help you to achieve your goals and the massages will help you to reactivate the blood of the area and that the results are even more excellent then rinse the skin with water Tibia this remedy you can not do twice a week all the homemade remedies that I have mentioned in this post is for you to perform for at least two weeks after this time you will begin to notice the results but you should know that before that airtime Or it is very unlikely that you can notice any immediate effect on whitening your genitals.


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