Whitening the skin of the armpits and crotches in 2 minutes


For different reasons many times we have some area of our skin darker than normal the rest of the skin among the most common causes are 1 point put on the underwear without drying well and fruit of moisture and sweat could generate the skin of the Epiernas darken two stitches and Liza deodorant with alcohol this can cause the armpit skin to get darker 3 point the crotch rubbing can also cause darkening of the skin in that area these are the most common causes but there are other The important thing in this article is the solution to this problem and embellishment which will make us feel safer with this natural remedy the impact of having dark skin is that it can generate some insecurity in us would also notice lack of hygiene although Many times it is not like this and another point is related to aesthetics even this can cause some do not want to wear bathing suits or clothes that show the armpits to solve this we have a solution that will allow whitening the skin of the armpits and the Entrep Iernas let’s look at the procedure of this homemade remedy ingredients 1 point magnesium bicarbonate 2 point peroxide 30 volumes preparing to take a container preferably of glass pour a tablespoon of the bicarbonate of magnesium then take a Little bit of 30-volume peroxide and move until you get a paste form of use before epilating your armpits or between legs in case you do in this second area take a nice soft brush and smear it in the dark part either in the armpits or in the crotches and move The brush for a minute as if we were brushing an area that we want to clean but gently finally clean well with lukewarm water after finishing applying underarm treatment with a new razor note that we indicate that it is before Epilating because of doing so then you may feel itching or redness of your skin another thing note that we indicate that the peroxide is 30 volumes can not be neither more nor less as it could be very weak and not make the desired effect or can be very strong and cause effects Cundarios negative Now if your skin is very sensitive you can try with a 20 volume peroxide use this treatment once every two weeks with this natural remedy you whiten your armpits and crotches in two minutes


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