How to cure herpes 8 natural Remedies


It is not at all strange to suffer from herpes for this ailment so widespread we bring you some very effective homemade remedies for the herpes that will be very helpful the symptoms of herpes are very clear tingling in the mouth sensation of burning in the lips inflammation of l A area around the mouth and ulcers vesicles blisters sores as you want to call them on the lips filled with a yellowish and ugly liquid but do not worry in your kitchen or pantry you have resources to alleviate and eliminate for long periods of time the odious Herpes symptoms.



8 Home Remedies for Elherpes 1: It seems that yogurt contains a substance that removes the virus so eat a lot of yogurt while you have herpes and you can even apply a yogurt emulsion with a pinch of salt directly on the vial and you will dry two times m Fast 2: Or also apply milk on herpes and if you do when you are starting can reduce the time of suffering of the virus in half. 3: Another resource you have on hand is to mix 1 teaspoon of honey with vinegar and apply in the area, 4: Use aloe because its healing properties are excellent in the process of drying and healing of ulcers will suffice to apply with cotton after the Li Mpies.



5: The lemon is antiseptic and very effective put lemon drops on the blisters several times a day is painful but it turns out, 6: Another remedy for very affordable herpes is oxygenated water wets a cotton in it and applies three times a day the clean oxygenated water The wound As.



7: You can buy in pharmacies or Gentian violet naturists a very effective healing substance with a cotton stick applied over the affected area Gentian Violet is a natural antiseptic that will dry your herpes.



8: Make a mixture with the pulp of a green tomato and 1 tablespoon of baking soda to get a homogeneous paste and place on herpes twice a day more helpful tips to cure and naturally also follow certain recommendations how Keep it drier and clean the ulcers use lip moisturizer and sunscreen as the sun causes the herpes to soak so while you have the outbreak avoid direct sunlight you can go to the beach after you do not tear the dead skin of the blisters by Ma s ugly to see Let it fall lonesome because at the start you’ll be exposing the new delicate skin if you dry your lips use moisturizer please do not share your toothbrush in fact change it during treatment


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