After you know this you may want to stop eating red meat or at least decrease it


After knowing this you may want to stop eating red meat or at least eliminate the amount you consume if you are looking for reasons to decrease the consumption of red meat in addition to having a high content of cholesterol and saturated fats and eating it in excess leads to a greater Chronic disease risk now two new studies provide even more reason to reduce these steaks the first investigation says that red meat can increase the risk of diverticulitis an inflammatory bowel condition the second found a Link Between barbecue and roast beef and the high early death rate of people with breast cancer, these studies also show the potential dangers of cooking meats at high temperatures that have been shown to produce compounds Inflammatory and carcinogenic meat cooked at high temperatures.

It has been previously related to an increased risk of cancer and more recently with the after measuring factors such as smoking the exercise the use of medications and fiber intake found that those who ate more red meat had a 58% higher risk of Develop diverticulitis compared to those who ate less each daily portion of red meat was associated with a risk of 18% although that risk peaked in six portions a week studies suggest that high meat consumption alters the balance of Bacteria in the intestine which could affect the body’s immune response and vulnerability to inflammation researchers also determined that substituting a daily portion of red meat with fish or poultry could reduce the risk of Diverticulitis by 20% researchers did not include vegetarian sources of protein such as beans and tofu in their study the second study of the National Cancer Institute tracked more than 1500 survivors being from mom for about 18 years during that time Approximately 600 of the women were killed researchers discovered that women who ate grilled meat barbecues and smoked before their diagnosis had 23% more risk of death for any cause compared to those who ate less and in Comparison with women who cut these foods after their diagnosis those who continued to consume large amounts had a 31% risk of death These results also adjusted to possible influence factors including the mass index Corporal exercise and alcohol intake They were then classified into meat types, suggesting that poultry or smoked fish cannot be in the same area of other meats, and, in fact, they may even be protective. Both studies were Observational meaning that they tracked a certain group of people over time so the investigators could not draw conclusions about the cause and the effect red meat has been associated with other health effects such as an increased risk of Heart disease and certain types of cancer.

That’s why friend is important to think about all the potential benefits of a diet with red meat limitation that was all for today we hope this article has been useful to you remember that your opinion is very important so comments


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