Causes of cancer

Causes of cancer
Cancer is one of the main
Causes of death in today’s world is
Calculates that 7.8 million people
Die for this disease after
Who declared that meat
Processed products are a
Potentially carcinogenic we do a
I review some other things that might
Come to cause cancer
Number 1 Smoking tobacco smoking tobacco is
One of the most common causes of cancer
In the world cigarettes have 7000
Chemicals of which at least 69 are
They know that they produce cancer smoking can
Cause cancer of the esophagus lung larynx
mouth throat Kidney Bladder liver
Pancreas stomach cervix colon and rectum
In addition to acute myeloid leukemia number
2 Drinking alcohol drinkers
Compulsive are more likely to
Develop straight breast cancer colon
Larynx liver esophagus oral cavity and
Pharynx drinking too Much is
Related to pancreatic cancer
Number 3 As of says over 30
Diesel components are
Categorized as carcinogens inhale
Weiss Vapors He is strongly
Number 4 beds and solar lamps
The beds and solar lamps of
Ultraviolet radiation Increase the
Risk of developing skin cancer
Especially in young people
Number 5 Air pollution the
Air pollution contains a
Mixture of gaseous components and
Particles that know they have scope
Some countries and cities have more
Risk that others because of their levels of
Number 6 being a passive smoker even if
You’re not a smoker you still have
Likely to have lung cancer
If you breathe smoke from smokers
Number 7 burn charcoal indoors in
Some regions of the world coal are
continues to use as a home fuel
Prolonged exposure to dust from
Coal and its gases increases the risk
Of cancer coal miners Also
are exposed
Number 8 tobacco products not only
Smoking tobacco can lead to cancer
Chewing tobacco as a stimulant too
Can cause cancer of the mouth and larynx
Number 9 paintings wall paintings
Have chemicals like benzene the
Lead chromate and asbestos that can
Generate cancer Number 10 fabricate
Footwear The footwear industries
Pollute the surrounding areas with
Potentially carcinogenic products
Like Xenon leather powder and other
Solvents Prolonged exposure to
These agents can increase the
Likely to develop cancer.


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