easy remedies

the beautiful and beautiful welcome a
more time to the team channel wicks I hope
that they are very well I am very full of
energy and very happy to continue with
you here in tune at the best
youtube channel that you share the
best beauty tips weekly for
course it’s the pin wick today we’re going to
share a recipe how to whiten
teeth and good is a must
know that a smile in the picture or
maybe until the first impression that
they have the people of you even is in
what first are set very many
people for anything good already
that we speak that the smile means
quite then we would all love it
have a perfect smile but there
remedies that just do not work
treatments that are very expensive and therefore
we are disappointed
then today we are going to try
two remedies that you are going to see me
before and after they would judge by
yourselves that if they work what
best of these remedies that we
we impart to you is that you can
do from home are not expensive
and they will give you the results that
you want like I always say
everything with constancy they see their
much more noticeable results for the
tutorial let’s try two ways to
whitening teeth for the first
option is very simple and you are only going to
need coconut oil
with a teaspoon of coconut oil
Rinse your teeth in the same way
What would you do with mouthwash?
that the liquid reaches all the
corners of your mouth for a better
Rinse well for about 3 minutes and
then spit to finish brushes
your teeth with free toothpaste
you have to do this twice
day in the morning and in the night
preferably now we go with the
second that particularly to me
It was very fun and not only
because I tried it on myself, but
I also told my brother so what
try and see his before and after
since I had already realized the
coconut oil and I said nothing maybe I do not know
I dont know
nothing may not be noticed so much because you
I just made coconut oil like that
that I told my brother and the two
we made this challenge
the second treatment may sound something
strange but it’s quite effective in what
Regarding tooth whitening I
I mean coal so it’s coal
Wet your toothbrush in water and soak it
in a cup with powdered charcoal after
this makes the carbon stick
in the brush brush your teeth well
reaching to the back of the
teeth and the spaces between each tooth
brush your teeth for about three
minutes and then rinse the coal thoroughly
What’s left in your mouth with water
that the previous treatment brushes your
teeth with free toothpaste
chemicals to complete this treatment
It is also good to strengthen
teeth not only to whiten saw
how easy and fun it is to make these
treatments of your house and they are very
simple to get the materials is
simple not now well after that
we make these remedies whether they are homemade or
with your doctor there are several factors that
we have to take care so that our
smile always look radiant and white
but they knew it well if they did not know it
I’m going to say the number one is
that you should not be drinking a lot of coffee
or a lot of tea because these
They usually stain teeth number 2
processed foods or foods
processed as well as the soda
It weakens the enamel of our
teeth and makes them turn
yellowish in my country they say
perhaps in their countries they say soudas if
there is someone here from venezuela up the
refreshment goodbye refreshment and if
we want white teeth there’s no
soda if you are used to
consume supplements that have acids
in its components, we have to
say goodbye to them because they are the ones
They make our teeth weaken
directly affect the enamel and although
perhaps this is custom in many
countries, I tell them that smoking weakens
to our teeth even if you see
yellowish teeth at once what
we associate with smoking then smoking does not
only causes damage to our health to
our lungs but also to
our teeth so if they are
try to leave it so they have a
smile much stronger brighter
more beautiful because smoking weakens them
It makes them yellow and this tip that
I really did not know and if you do not know it
They knew how perfect it is to drink water
during the day as it encourages
salivary glands to make saliva
then this makes our teeth
stronger if we do not drink water the
salivary glands do not produce as much
saliva and our teeth weaken
so to take water the water is what
maximum now.


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