Anise cumin what maybe you did not know

Anise cumin what maybe you did not know

Today we will talk about the properties
and medicinal properties of anise cumin
the cumin name in English
kunming scientific name eat a kimi
num is a biennial plant belonging to
the family of light men the
plant does not grow more than one meter
height in cumin has a strong root
fusiform on a stem the soft leaves
they are placed next to this decreasing
of size as they reach the part
superior of the stem in the first year of
life there was only one rosette of leaves
and already in the second year the stem is formed
in each session there is a flower bud
the flowers are white with five
petals ripening occurs at
end of summer but only in the second
Year of the plant is a pretty plant
old was used by many
civilizations of the ancient Romans and
now in our present in the
currently the countries that cultivate this
spice are france and india turkey and
the north of africa
Egypt there is no doubt that the plant
resisted the test of time it
can easily adapt to different
climatic conditions and it is certainly
well studied by scientists from
everyone cumin is one of the
main species of the Egyptians the
Arab women mix it with honey
pepper for use as an aphrodisiac the
Cumin is distributed throughout the part
European in Russia the Caucasus Siberia and
Central Asia
the plant prefers sandy soils and
silty cumin grows in forests
forest edges and road edges
the plant loves the soil fertilized in
Illuminated places cumin is capable of
survive any frost so it
in the winter you do not need
even cover cumin common name
properties of cumin for health the
treatment of boils the appearance
of boils indicates the accumulation of
toxic substances in the body use
regular cumin in food helps
to keep the skin free of boils
etc this because it has such components
how it combines the finger
phosphorus cymoli which are good agents
detoxifying treatment
skin disorders cumin has a
high vitamin E content that
keeps the skin healthy and bright
in addition the essential oils in the
cumin have disinfectants and
anti fungal properties that protect the
skin from fungal infections and
microbes the topical application of pasta
of cumin in boils acne eczema
psoriasis and other skin disorders
facilitates quick healing benefits
against aging the vitamin e
present in cumin triggers
anti aging processes in the
body thus avoiding the
symptoms of premature aging
acts as an antioxidant to fight
the free radicals that attack the skin
and cause signs of aging like
wrinkles age spots and flaccidity of the
skin this combination of effect
antioxidant and capacity
antibacterial of cumin provides you
a healthy and beautiful skin that lasts a lot
in his old age
beautiful our hair consists of
many nutrients like fatty proteins
carbohydrates and water is required
that these nutrients to allow the
proper hair growth the
black cumin contains more than 100
nutrients and vitamins to replenish the
hair what gives you a mane
healthy prevents hair loss
therefore baldness treatment
of dandruff the oil extract of
cumin is a great stimulant carminatti
diuretic and antioxidant bo often
used for massage in the
aromatherapy and leather treatments
scalp to get rid of dandruff
blood sugar levels cumin
helps blood sugar levels
therefore it helps to maintain
appropriate content levels of the
blood in the body this is a great
help for people who suffer from
diabetes iron deficiency and anemia
the cumin seeds are very rich in
iron what makes it a
essential ingredient of natural health
this iron content helps to treat
anemia makes the blood rich in
hemoglobin content and help in
as an oxygen carrier to the
cells in the body fight against
asthma the cumin seeds contain
kim ona scam which reduces the processes
inflammatory and other mediators that
cause asthma also act as a
bronchodilator immunity this is
get by its characteristics
antioxidants that fight against
Impurities and free radicals help
in making the body immunity for
improve in the fight against
menstrual cycle diseases cumin
it’s healthy for women of all
ages is known to influence a
menstrual cycle healthy anti cancer
cumin is useful in the treatment of
colon and breast cancer
the seeds contain timothy nonay
thymol which are anticancer agents
metabolism a good process of
metabolism helps keep all
other body processes under control
the iron present in cumin helps


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